Monday, January 26, 2009

Sarah's Chicken Enchiladas

Okay, so I wanted to take a picture of this yummy dish but we got to it too fast that it was impossible. I can not take any credit for these because they are so good that I'm giving them credit to who I got it from, my friend Sarah...I got these off her blog.
Anyway, to the yummy dish. The nice thing about this recipe you can always add more for the amount of people you are serving.

Chicken breasts
sweet corn
sour cream
Pico de gallo
Red Enchilada Sauce ( next time I will get the bigger can of enchilada sauce just to have a little more juice.)

First, place in a crockpot, salsa (any kind--I used homemade) with chicken breasts let it cook for a few hours until it can be pulled with a fork to shred.
Then make some rice (I did about 2 cups cooked rice...any kind of rice I think will work.)
While that is cooking chop some tomato and green onion. Add it to a bowl. Add rice and some more salsa along with a little sour cream and some corn.

Grate some cheese and get your tortillas ready (I used the ones you have to cook first but any will do.) Then start assembling...
Place some of the rice mixture, shredded chicken in the tortilla, add some cheese on top, roll and place seam down in 9x13 pan. When all done add enchilada sauce with a little bit of sour cream and mix together--it makes it a lot more creamy. Before you add the sauce put a little more of the rice mixture on top of the tortillas and then add sauce. (if you want to.)
Place in 350 degree oven and bake for 25 minutes, when done take out place a little more grated cheese on top and bake another 5 minutes.
I made one pan and had enough to make another pan and found someone to give it too. I served it with homemade guacamole and tortilla chips. My family really enjoyed it and they made great leftovers too. They were so filling that one was plenty.

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