Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cowboy Caviar

This is Shannon's sister's recipe. It is so yummy! I want some more right now.
4 tomatoes
1 can shoepeg corn (she said Bowman's carries--Walmart she has a hard time finding it--it's by all the canned veggies.)
1 can black beans
1 bunch green onions
pkg. italian good seasons mix (follow directions on package and make dressing.)
Mix everything together and enjoy with chips!!


Shannon said...

thanks Heather. I've actually thought about putting it up a few times. But like a lot of things, it didn't actually happen!

The Ratchford Family said...

I found the shoepeg corn at Albertsons in Kaysville. On the top shelf of the canned veggie section. I didn't know this kind of corn even exsisted.